Webinar: What is Inbound Marketing?

A webinar series: part 1 of 3

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Are you looking for a marketing strategy that’s sure to drive traffic and convert more leads for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place! This must watch webinar series will give you all the know-how and insights on incorporating an inbound approach to your digital marketing - the key to yielding successful business results.

In this first instalment of a three part webinar series on inbound marketing, you’ll get an introductory deep dive on the subject. Our CEO, Viktor Underwood will be joined for the series by guest expert Annica Thorberg who will be sharing industry insights complete with top tips and tricks of the trade.


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  • The key differences between inbound and outbound marketing
  • A deep dive into inbound marketing strategies
  • Important insights associated with inbound marketing
  • How different departments can utilise inbound marketing
  • The four key inbound approaches
  • A look at inbound recruiting methods
  • The importance of video content in your strategy


Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel
Annica Thorberg, CEO Marketing House

Viktor Underwood is a leader in video streaming, webinar and video communication. He has extensive experience in the field and has been the CEO of Quickchannel for six years.

Annica Thorberg is the founder and CEO of inbound marketing agency, Marketing House, and has helped countless companies switch their digital strategy to an inbound approach.


Instalment 2: In the second part of our Inbound Marketing Series on 4th October, we'll be taking a deep dive into strategy – don’t miss it!



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