Hybrid workplaces & events

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Most of us have worked remotely over the past two years and are now working to find new frameworks for how the workplace should look.

Our CEO Viktor Underwood has invited guest expert Sofia Fiske, Digital Workplace Strategist at Diwo for a deep dive into the subject.

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  • The most important issues linked to the workplace for employers
  • Challenges when implementing hybrid workplace models
  • Workplace trends to keep track of
  • Hybrid events: Benefits & challenges
  • Tips for a successful hybrid event
  • Things to keep in mind when choosing a hybrid event platform


Viktor Underwood , CEO of Quickchannel
Sofia Fiske , Digital Workplace Strategist at Diwo

Viktor Underwood is a leader in video streaming, webinar and video communication. He has extensive experience in the field and has been the CEO of Quickchannel for six years.

Sofia Fiske has extensive experience of technical solutions and has been working with strategies around digital and physical workplaces for a few years where the focus is on increasing commitment and productivity.



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