How to run a successful webinar

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Businesses are increasingly turning to webinars as a way of attracting new customers, generating leads, and maintaining customer loyalty.

Did you know that 73% of B2B marketers say that webinars are the best way to generate high quality leads?* And that 83% of marketers say that webinars are an important part of their digital marketing strategy?*

What are the steps to success?

In our webinar, we will share our tips and experiences on:

  • Pre-webinar preparation
  • Choosing the right platform
  • How to engage with your target audience
  • How to reach a digital audience
  • When to hold webinars
  • Post-webinar actions


Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel
Ken Neptune, Confidence Coach at Strictly Speaking Life Coaching

Viktor Underwood has not only been the CEO at Quickchannel for over six years, he also has extensive experience in video communication, webinars, and video streaming.

Ken Neptune, as an expert in helping business leaders become effective communicators, has worked with companies such as Ericsson, MediaEdge, and eBay as the Confidence Coach at Strictly Speaking Life Coaching.



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