Dealing with GDPR, Schrems II, Marketing Consent & Data Protection

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With GDPR, Schrems II, Marketing Consent & Data Protection, it's hard to keep up with them all. Do you agree?

We will help you navigate through it all during the webinar and we will be joined by GDPR and Data Protection Expert, Johan Thörn.

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Join our CEO Viktor Underwood and GDPR expert Johan Thörn as they discuss best practice.


  • GDPR and Schrems II, what are they?
  • Which are the most common misconceptions?
  • When working with a vendor, what should you consider?
  • How does this affect marketing consent?
  • Is GDPR still relevant despite Brexit?
  • Data protection
  • Ownership of your data


Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel
Johan Thörn, Partner/Lawyer  at Law firm edpLaw 

Viktor Underwood has not only been the CEO at Quickchannel for over six years, he also has extensive experience in video communication, webinars, and video streaming.

Johan Thörn is a co-founding partner and lawyer at Law firm edpLaw. He specialises in data protection and privacy (GDPR) alongside employment law.

He has extensive experience advising clients on various data protection issues to avoid breaches. His wealth of knowledge touches on mapping activity processes, transparency requirements, drafting agreements around data processing and sharing, privacy management programmes as well as cookie compliance.

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