Quickchannel enables streaming with WebRTC

Livestream and record directly from your browser, no plugins or downloads needed!

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication and enables voice and video communication to work within web pages. It is an open-source technology, that is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla amongst others.

There are four simple steps the user needs to follow to start their virtual event:

  • Log on to the Quickchannel-portal.
  • Book an event with the WebRTC-channel.
  • Use the Live Control function to select video and audio inputs.
  • Select “Go Live” when ready.

This new technology allows users to be anywhere, and broadcast from any device that has an internet connection, a browser, a camera and a microphone.
WebRTC is available in the Broadcast module and you get one WebRTC channel per user.

Next generation Live Control

Quickchannel’s next generation live control function, allows users and/or producers, to get a better overview of their entire broadcast.
The new function has improved the user experience to do the following whilst “Live”: 

  • See previews, speakers, chapters, chats and polling in one window.
  • Add and/or edit speakers’ names.
  • Add and/or edit chapters.
  • Manage and moderate chat rooms.
  • Manage polling.
  • Have a countdown prior to event start time.
  • See how many viewers are active via the viewer indicator.
  • WebRTC within the live control function, can mute the microphone, pause the camera feed and switch cameras during production with no interruption.
  • Includes a feature to share the chat moderator and viewer links.

Curious of how it looks?

Then you should watch our webinar where Viktor Underwood (CEO) and Mathias Jarboh (UX designer) are telling us more and giving us a live-demo.

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