Free webinar: Create engaging webinars using multiple guest speakers

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Webinars with multiple guest speakers drive up participant interest, expand your audience base, and increase your webinar attendance. So in this case, more really is merrier! Only trouble is, trying to manage multiple remote speakers or panellists can be a major headache. 

We’re driven to help you take your next webinar from mediocre to impactful with our new streamlined feature. You can now add multiple remote speakers while streaming live without any fuss. 

One platform for all your needs

Our new feature makes it easier to collaborate in real-time and give your audience even more when a subject requires multiple perspectives or explanations. 

It’s your full-stack webinar platform with all the tools you need to create professional interactive webinars while still providing you access to the many tools available through our platform:

  • Live conversion
  • Chat
  • Polling 
  • Analytics
  • Branded video player

That’s multiple remote presenters bouncing off each other, making the content engaging, conversational and professional.

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