Comply with WCAG on a Video Platform Powered by AI

Ensure WCAG compliance of your marketing videos, live streams & virtual events for internal or external use with built-in tools for making your content accessible, inclusive and easy to handle.

Making video content accessible

WCAG is a series of web accessibility guidelines for designing and developing web products and services. We offer AI-generated speech-to-text functionality alongside the opportunity to add a second live or recorded video stream where you can invite a sign language interpreter to translate allowing you to further comply with accessibility guidelines.

It's more important than ever to make sure your video content is inclusive to all, so you want to make sure you're choosing a streaming platform that won't exclude any of your potential customers. From subtitles to colour contrasts, Quickchannel is committed to helping you scale your reach and maximise engagement with digital experiences that are accessible to all audiences and is focused on compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA.


Adapted player

Accessibility-adapted player built into the Quickchannel platform.


HTML5 compatible

Quickchannel’s compatibility with HTML5 makes it easy to make your content accessible.



Clear explanations added to all functionality makes it easier for viewers to navigate in the player.


Colour contrasts

To ensure better viewability more editing options have been added to create the right contrast values.

Screen reader

Quickchannel offers support for screen reader software for visually impaired participants.


Subtitles can be automatically generated with the click of a button in the player.

Resize text

Text can be scaled properly for those with mild visual impairment, without the use of a screen magnifier.


The Quickchannel platform offers full responsiveness regardless of device (desktop, tablet, mobile).


Navigation in the video player is possible via keyboard.

WCAG guidelines for streaming and recorded video content

WCAG provide recommendations on how to increase the usability of your website content and make it more accessible to everyone. Quickchannel’s player meets the following guidelines to ensure your videos are compliant: 

  • Ensure colour contrast in your video and presentation for better viewability.
  • Enable navigation of the video player via keyboard.
  • Provide a good navigational hierarchy to ensure seamless access and user experiences.
  • Write descriptions that explain visuals (images and video) and enable the use of a screen reader.
  • Use words that are easy to understand and a clear language.
  • Avoid animations and recorded video material that can cause seizures.
  • Upload captions and audio descriptions for your VOD’s and recorded lives.

Reach more of your audience

For people with visual or hearing impairments, consuming video content can be a daunting feat and without being WCAG compliant many people are open to being unfairly excluded from content and participation. When applying WCAG to corporate video streaming your content should be produced and delivered in ways that ensure that all members of the audience can access, participate and fully engage with your content. 

When you choose Quickchannel you can be secure in knowing that your video content will be fully compliant with WCAG on a corporate video platform powered by AI.

Hasse Spett

Logistics manager, Comfort

Our Annual General Meeting went excellent both technically and presentation wise. Got spontaneous emails from people saying it looked very professional, which I am pleased to hear.

Charles Ledbom

Live streaming producer, Nanofilm

Via Quickchannel, I can offer my customers a secure live broadcast with high quality. we have done around 600 broadcasts in 2020 via Quickchannel’s platform, which says a lot!

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

24 hours after contacting Quickchannel, we went live with a streamed webinar using their tool. We received exceptionally good service and quick help, which made it easy to get started at short notice.

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

The good service, ease of use and the ability to adapt the system to Hogia’s own branding were the main arguments for choosing Quickchannel as our platform.

Morten Vee

Platform Manager at Storebrand, Storebrand

It has been great working with Quickchannel. Our customers are happy and it enhances our branding as a professional and reliable company. Also, we are keeping track of our engagement score and it is consistently high; this indicates that our work partnership is working, that we are doing our jobs, and that Quickchannel is doing its job!

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