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Make the most of your video communication efforts with Quickchannel’s scalable solutions for webcast, live stream and on-demand video distribution.

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Connect with customers, partners and employees through webcast

Would you like for your messages to reach and captivate a wider audience? Then video webcasting may be the solution for you. It gives you the opportunity to convey your organisation’s messages in an effective and engaging way to your customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.

Whether you stream live or on-demand, video is the key for growing your brand. When you live stream your events you can be sure that your viewers are engaged and involved and those who are unable to attend can watch on demand at a time to suit them, what could be better? If that wasn’t enough, with the Quickchannel platform you can control the recording during the live stream and edit your recording before distribution of the on-demand version.

  • Live stream
  • Option of video on-demand
  • Video editor for a polished recorded version

Security top-of-mind

Security including password protection, IP locks, AD integration, timed access and Cloud solutions ensure that your data is secure.


WCAG compliant

Ensure the WCAG compliance of your videos and broadcasts with built-in tools for making your content secure, accessible, and easy to handle.


Scalable with CDN

Increased speed, redundancy, security and scalability, as well as reduced buffering and lag issues are all advantages of the Content Delivery Network.


High quality video

Using Quickchannel’s adaptive streaming in full HD for your digital events you can provide the best experience for all your viewers, even when bandwidth is limited.

Engage your audience

Make your viewers feel like they are part of the presentation and reach higher levels of engagement by including interactive features such as polls, surveys, and chat.

Custom branding

We have custom branding options available according to your style guide to make your business stand out in every video, conference, and webinar.

Why use video?

Video is undoubtedly the most powerful medium for audiences to consume information allowing you to reach large audiences all while delivering your message in an interactive and engaging way. Not to mention, it facilitates showcasing your product or services, humanising your brand, boosting brand awareness, driving conversions and increasing website traffic. For businesses this versatile medium can be used for a variety of purposes such as branding, training, product demos, and customer testimonials providing a competitive edge to a business in the marketplace.

Boost attendance with custom registration page

Great webcasts need an audience. If you’re hosting webcasts and want to capture a wide audience you’ll need a killer registration page. With Quickchannel you can custom make your own registration page for your event. Add information, match your brand guidelines and include event images alongside a fixed form for your page visitors to register. Additionally, add a live broadcast countdown to create a buzz and aid those all-important registrations. Once participants register, they’ll receive an automatic confirmation email helping to improve the efficiency of your workflow. Make a strong first impression and create intrigue - all while capturing leads.

GDPR compliant & secure webcasts

For all businesses security is a critical factor in delivering a great video experience, and at Quickchannel we know that. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure you’re using a platform that’s GDPR and Schrems II compliant. On our end-to-end video platform you can be sure that your video content will be kept in GDPR compliant systems and that security safeguards and the data protection of yourself and those you interact with are secure from the outset. We help you organise your webcasts with solutions for organising your video content with tags, categories, security groups and search features.

Scalable webcasts with CDN

No matter what you’re webcasting, you want your audience experience to be flawless. We offer CDN to ensure your webcasts go off without a hitch. CDN aids public content with other advantages being increased speed, redundancy, security and scalability as well as reduced buffering and lag issues enabling your video streams to run seamlessly. This key feature is sure to positively impact your streams without any disruptions or delays.

Hasse Spett

Logistics manager, Comfort

Our Annual General Meeting went excellent both technically and presentation wise. Got spontaneous emails from people saying it looked very professional, which I am pleased to hear.

Charles Ledbom

Live streaming producer, Nanofilm

Via Quickchannel, I can offer my customers a secure live broadcast with high quality. we have done around 600 broadcasts in 2020 via Quickchannel’s platform, which says a lot!

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

24 hours after contacting Quickchannel, we went live with a streamed webinar using their tool. We received exceptionally good service and quick help, which made it easy to get started at short notice.

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

The good service, ease of use and the ability to adapt the system to Hogia’s own branding were the main arguments for choosing Quickchannel as our platform.

Morten Vee

Platform Manager at Storebrand, Storebrand

It has been great working with Quickchannel. Our customers are happy and it enhances our branding as a professional and reliable company. Also, we are keeping track of our engagement score and it is consistently high; this indicates that our work partnership is working, that we are doing our jobs, and that Quickchannel is doing its job!

Explore other features of our streaming platform

Interactive webinars

​​Increase participation and audience engagement with interactive user experience tools such as polls, surveys, and moderated chat rooms.

Real time video analytics

Optimise your video content and get detailed reports of the performance of your broadcasts and webinars with real time video analytics.

Branding options

We have custom branding options available according to your style guide to make your business stand out in every video, conference, and webinar.

Discover the next generation of streaming solutions

Learn how you can leverage the power of Quickchannel’s interactive, secure and easy-to-use streaming platform to create great content and increase engagement among your audience.