Make smarter decisions for your video content with real time analytics

Optimise your video content to further engage your target audience with real time video analytics for your live streams and on-demand videos.

Understand your audience and improve performance

Performance data and statistics are key for producing successful content and broadcasts. It gives you insight of how engaged your audience is, what they are interested in and helps you make informed decisions about what content to produce next. With Quickchannel some of the most important video metrics are available to you directly in the streaming platform, so you can improve performance with every single broadcast and webinar you produce.


Live statistics

Track your webinars, webcasts and live streams in real time - how many viewers are watching your live broadcast?


On-demand statistics

View performance data of all your video communication - how many viewers watched your on-demand video and when?


Unique views

Measure how wide among your audience you’ve reached with your video content - see the number of total and unique views.

Minutes watched

Measure how much the audience enjoys your content to analyse the success of your broadcast - how many minutes did the attendees watch?


Average watch time

Analyse engagement by collecting data about watch time - what is the average watch time for your broadcasts and webinars?


Keep track of your audience’s interest and engagement - who attended your broadcast and for how long did they watch?

Step up your game with the Quickchannel-Upsales integration

Bring your video analytics and marketing data together by connecting Quickchannel to your Upsales CRM and marketing automation system. With our Upsales integration you can seamlessly prepare webinars and automatically bring video statistics into your CRM to further strengthen your target audience insight and marketing and sales efforts.

Hasse Spett

Logistics manager, Comfort

Our Annual General Meeting went excellent both technically and presentation wise. Got spontaneous emails from people saying it looked very professional, which I am pleased to hear.

Charles Ledbom

Live streaming producer, Nanofilm

Via Quickchannel, I can offer my customers a secure live broadcast with high quality. we have done around 600 broadcasts in 2020 via Quickchannel’s platform, which says a lot!

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

24 hours after contacting Quickchannel, we went live with a streamed webinar using their tool. We received exceptionally good service and quick help, which made it easy to get started at short notice.

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

The good service, ease of use and the ability to adapt the system to Hogia’s own branding were the main arguments for choosing Quickchannel as our platform.

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Interactive webinars

​​Increase participation and audience engagement with interactive user experience tools such as polls, surveys, live resource sharing and moderated chat rooms.

Secure webcasts at scale

Reach a wider audience and convey your organisation’s messages effectively through webcasts, scalable with CDN and eCDN.

Branded video player

Make your brand and broadcasts stand out from the crowd with a custom video player, designed to match your brand guidelines.

Discover the next generation of streaming solutions

Learn how you can leverage the power of Quickchannel’s interactive, secure and easy-to-use streaming platform to create great content and increase engagement among your audience.