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Are you ready to create professional, high performing broadcasts on our webinar platform? Here at Quickchannel we have all the tools you need in one place to create, host, and deliver successful live webinars for your business.

Video Platform Overview

Here at Quickchannel, our aim is to provide businesses and organisations an all-inclusive video platform to leverage the endless possibilities of live and on demand streaming. We take away the challenges of hybrid working, hosting virtual events, and creating great video content while enhancing the user experience with our wide range of features on offer. Keep scrolling to explore the innovative features at your fingertips.

Custom Webinar Registration Page

Create your own registration landing page for your webinars and live events through the Quickchannel webinar platform. Add information about your event, change the background image to match your branding and include event images alongside a fixed form for your page visitors to register for your webinar. That’s not all, you can also add a live broadcast countdown to your landing page to create a buzz and sense of urgency for page visitors helping aid those all-important registrations. Once participants register for your webinar, they’ll receive an automatic confirmation email helping to improve the efficiency of your workflow.



Branding options for your webinars

Whether you’re revealing a new product or service or displaying your business as a thought leader in your industry, branding is more important than ever. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is key to creating a lasting impression on your audience. With just a few clicks on our webinar platform, you can customise your video with a range of features:
  • Your brand colours
  • Logos and images
  • Watermarks

Interactive webinar tools

Create an engaging and interactive webinar on our easy to use webinar platform when you use our range of features to get your audience talking and in on the action. We offer polls, surveys, moderated chat rooms, qualifying/converting leads live, analytics and the option to guest speakers to ensure you succeed with your webinars.

Join our webinar

Create engaging webinars using multiple guest speakers


Remote guest speakers or panel

Inviting industry experts to speak at your webinar not only places your brand as a trusted source of information, it also offers your audience a rich, engaging experience. Managing a line-up of guest speakers can be tricky, particularly if they’re presenting remotely, but with our webinar platform inviting industry experts to speak in your live broadcasts is made simple and easy

Qualify leads during live webinar

Marketers are increasingly viewing webinars as an integral part of their marketing strategy which can be attributed to the fact that leads generated through webinars are of a high quality. While high quality leads are important, they’re not very valuable if you cannot convert them into actual sales prospects. During your live webinars with Quickchannel, we have the tools at your disposal to do just that.

Video editor

Get more out of your content with our corporate video editing tool. Our video editor helps you to create polished corporate videos with no experience necessary. With so many companies making use of video, creating professional, high quality content for your business is key for staying ahead of the competition, increasing your credibility, boosting your brand image and facilitating engagement.

Data and analytics

Once you create and host your webinar, make use of our analytics tool to explore performance data and statistics. Gauge how individuals interact with your webinar, what they are interested in and then make informed decisions about what works and what doesn’t, adapting your future webinar content and marketing strategy accordingly to ensure more success in future broadcasts.


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CRM integration

In 2023, we will be offering data and statistical integration with the most popular CRM.

Sending invites

If you don't have a CRM of your own, not to worry. We're currently working hard so that you'll be able to send invites, registration confirmations and more through our secure, easy to use platform.

Hasse Spett

Logistics manager, Comfort

Our Annual General Meeting went excellent both technically and presentation wise. Got spontaneous emails from people saying it looked very professional, which I am pleased to hear.

Charles Ledbom

Live streaming producer, Nanofilm

Via Quickchannel, I can offer my customers a secure live broadcast with high quality. we have done around 600 broadcasts in 2020 via Quickchannel’s platform, which says a lot!

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

24 hours after contacting Quickchannel, we went live with a streamed webinar using their tool. We received exceptionally good service and quick help, which made it easy to get started at short notice.

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

The good service, ease of use and the ability to adapt the system to Hogia’s own branding were the main arguments for choosing Quickchannel as our platform.

Morten Vee

Platform Manager at Storebrand, Storebrand

It has been great working with Quickchannel. Our customers are happy and it enhances our branding as a professional and reliable company. Also, we are keeping track of our engagement score and it is consistently high; this indicates that our work partnership is working, that we are doing our jobs, and that Quickchannel is doing its job!

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