Thanks to Peer5’s peer-to-peer technology, Quickchannel’s all-in-one streaming and video platform now includes an eCDN solution for enterprise video.

What they do

Peer5 solves congestion network problems caused by large, live corporate events such as meetings with all hands. When everyone is watching at the same time, the network is suffocated, but with Peer5, an efficient P2P network is formed that reduces the load by 90%. Peer5 uses WebRTC, which means that no additional software or hardware is needed, just a modern browser. SAP, Adobe, Ebay, PWC, Deutsche Telekom, DXC and other Fortune 500 customers alleviate network problems and rely on Peer5 for their largest corporate events.

Who they are

Peer 5 consist of a group of engineers and technology enthusiasts with a passion for distributed computing. Collectively, they represent diverse experience across the fields of big data analytics, large-scale web application infrastructure, virtualization, and networking. Peer 5 live for efficiency and are obsessed with performance. They have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel. Peer 5 was acquired by Microsoft in 2021.