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Quickchannel is part of a thriving ecosystem of video communication, with a network of partners aiming to help your organisation to drive change and new business. Let’s grow your business together, by implementing the next generation of broadcast, video tools, and content strategy. 

Our partner models


Reseller Partners

Reseller partners provide full customer and platform lifecycle services such as one-stop-shop of video and broadcast solutions, platform implementation, customer onboarding and training, and support.

Value added Partners

Value added partners provide their own video software and hardware solutions through integrations with the Quickchannel streaming platform. Typical solutions provided by these partners are IP-cameras, encoders and video conference room solutions.

Video content & production Partners

Video content and production partners are specialists in helping organisations design engaging live streamed events and professional on-videos.

Our reselling and value added partners



Our integration partners

Become a partner

Are you interested in becoming a Quickchannel partner? Contact us and let’s discuss if we’re a good fit for a partnership.