With the Upsales integration you can handle your webinars directly in the CRM. Book webinars and automatically receive viewer statistics after your events.

Who they are

With the aim of increasing sales and generating more business for fast-growing B2B companies, Upsales was founded in 2003. Their business model is pure SaaS with a clear growth focus.

Upsales integration overview

Upsales is a Swedish CRM and Marketing Automation system. With Upsales events, you can book and keep track of the participants of your event and get the information about the visitors - your prospects and customers - directly in Upsales.

With Quickchannel's integration, you can book webinars directly in Upsales and they will create a booking and generate a link from Quickchannel. When the webinar is completed, you will automatically receive viewer statistics in Upsales as marketing events.


Upsales is a Swedish CRM and Marketing Automation system. With Upsales Events you can create inviting landing pages, keep track of who signs up for your event and market your event with powerful features such as online ads, waiting lists and automated e-mails.

Quickchannels and Upsales’ integration enables our Upsales users to seamlessly book and prepare webinars from within Upsales platform, include more information in their landing pages and follow-up who attended and who didn’t without any hassle. This integration enriches Quickchannels video platform with an additional level of functionality to market your event and simplify your customer management.

If you’re interested in fuller statistics about your webinar attendees Quickchannels statistics module keeps track of their sessions giving you insight about durations, platforms and much more.


Ease of usage

Allow you to focus your work where you should, in your CRM, when you plan your webinars and create your landing pages. Keep your video archive up to date as well, just don’t do it in your CRM.

Don’t miss a follow-up

The automatic attendee sync between Quickchannels platform and Upsales makes sure both all of your signed-up attendees are marked as attended and any new attendees are added into Upsales for future marketing.