With the Pexip dual-stream solution that's integrated in Quickchannel you'll achieve better viewer experiences through separate camera and content streams.

Who they are

A video infrastructure company named Pexip (founded in 2012) and a cloud video service company named Videxio (founded in 2011) merged to form Pexip in 2019. Each of these companies was started by visionary veterans of their respective industries. Due to their extensive experience in video conferencing, they saw the need to remove the obstacles that made enterprise video conferencing so expensive, difficult to use, manage and scale.

Pexip integration overview

Pexip is a provider of virtual meeting rooms (VMR) where all participants can use the tools available to share information: voice, video, screen sharing etc. Quickchannel and Pexip have worked together since 2015 developing intelligent solutions to handle streaming and recording in a user friendly manner. Quickchannel and Pexip are technology partners and we build plugins and other API based integrations to do recordings and live stream events from a Pexip Virtual Meeting Room (VMR).

Quickchannel is unique with the Pexip dual-stream solution which enables the Quickchannel platform to receive Camera stream and Content stream separated to give a better viewer experience. You can start and stop the streaming and recording with one simple click, or why not schedule the recording in advance?

Our platform together with Pexip is usually used for the following areas:

  • Leadership and management information (All hands, town halls)
  • Crisis information
  • Webinars and marketing videos
  • Training and onboarding
  • Recording of video meetings for instant playback
  • Private hosting solution for on-demand videos

Quickchannel offers several ways to integrate with Pexip depending on what user workflow the client needs. The most used integration is the Quickchannel Plugin which enables the user to start and stop streaming and recording from the Pexip web application. With the Quickchannel Plugin the end user has full control of when to start and stop the recordings and live streams, they can easily navigate to find and manage old recordings in Quickchannel and a unique link for each recording is presented in the Pexip web application chat.

Quickchannel & Pexip

  • Dynamic VMR, Personal VMR, shared VMR support.
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-prem
  • Webapp plugin for new gen and old gen Pexip web app
  • Auto-rec VMR
  • Microsoft Skype 4 Business recording and streaming
  • Auto provisioning of new users