Cisco Webex

Quickchannel is part of the catalog of solutions that work seamlessly with Cisco infrastructure (Cisco end points, Webex, Cisco Meeting Server).

Who they are

Cisco was founded by Len Bosack and his wife Sandy Lerner in 1984. In that period, they both worked at Stanford University, and they wanted to communicate via email. However, technological limitations prevented them from doing so. As a result of finding a solution to the problem of disparate local area protocols, the multiprotocol router was created. Cisco is one of the most globally recognized companies today.

Cisco Webex integration overview

Quickchannel is part of the catalog for Cisco-approved solutions that work seamlessly with Cisco infrastructure (Cisco end points, Webex, Cisco Meeting Server). This means that it is now possible to leverage the Cisco Unified Communications platform to communicate both internally and externally using live streaming and on-demand video. This feature is useful if you want to allow a wide audience to view a Cisco live meeting, discussion, or company update.

With Quickchannel you can both reach your larger audience using HTTP based protocols and in addition record and share the meeting to all employees or external viewers. In additional to scalability, Quickchannel also offer high enterprise security features. Quickchannel turns your existing Cisco infrastructure to a video management platform.

Our platform is usually used for the following areas:

  • Leadership and management information (All hands, town halls).
  • Crisis information.
  • Webinars and marketing videos.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • Recording of video meetings for instant playback.
  • Private hosting solution for on-demand videos.

The Quickchannel platform is an end-to-end solution and enables organisation’s to create your videos, manage and distribute the videos to your audience in a secure and scalable way.

Stream meetings and collaboration sessions to large audiences with audio, video, presentations, chats and polling.

  • Record all or selected Cisco meetings for distribution of video on demand.
  • Store your meetings in a secure and GDPR compliant platform and include analytics and search functionalities.
  • Manage all recorded meetings and create a company wise knowledge base of video assets.