It’s a marketers job to ensure their content stands out enough to garner the attention of potential prospects and generate quality leads for their business. The first point of call for any content is the title so it’s important to make it descriptive, enticing and compelling enough to draw in the crowds. The truth of the matter is, creating video content and hosting a webinar packed with information and knowledge is futile if no one is there to see and engage with it.

With so many virtual events out there, it's easy for titles to whiz by in a blur of mundane language until you see one that piques your interest prompting you to investigate further. This is what you should be aiming for - the key is to stand out, create intrigue, attract leads, and engage potential customers. If your title doesn’t quite meet the mark, it could mean the difference between high registration, attendance and engagement rates or your event disappearing into the ether. So, with that let’s explore our 5 top tips for creating a great title that converts.

5 top tips for creating your webinar title

1. Don’t forget your keywords

First things first, do your research for relevant and searched keywords surrounding your webinar topic and identify current trends. Once you have your list of keywords, think about how you can incorporate one or more into your title to make sure your webinar is searchable and optimised.

2. Add descriptive language 

Although seemingly a straightforward tip, using descriptive copy in a succinct way can be challenging but it’s worthwhile. Descriptive writing communicates your subject matter in a clear way which is important with so much content out there. Try to brainstorm ideas and get creative with how you can convey your webinar in a compelling way.

 3. Know your audience

Understanding your audience is essential for creating an attractive and useful title that will draw in the crowds. Knowing their interests, but more importantly their pain points, goals and challenges will enable you to address these issues in your title. Offering solutions to their problems means you’re more likely to capture the attention of your prospects. Knowing your audience will also help you to navigate the tone and level of professionalism that will speak to them most.

 4. What are you offering?

Time is of the essence and you’re unlikely to get those all-important registration and attendance numbers if you’re not offering the people what they want. When investing their time into your webinar, your potential leads are expecting tangible benefits in return. Try to be clear in your description to avoid any misinterpretation of your offering.

 5. Keep it concise

With so much content out there, a short, concise title is paramount. Writing a short and easy to digest title will grab the attention of your audience. A good tip to keep in mind while brainstorming ideas is that the recommended length for a title is between 50-70 characters.

To conclude

Even if you’re using the best webinar platform complete with a plethora of webinar tools, without attendees to benefit from these interactive and engaging features your efforts could be in vain. Afterall, it’s one thing to put together a great webinar that draws in the crowds while placing you as the go to expert in your field, but it’s another to get people to register and attend. So, when marketing a webinar make sure you have a title worth clicking on.

Titles sell your content and catch the attention of your target audience all the while providing enough context to have them heading for your registration page. We know this is no easy feat so putting that extra effort into your perfecting your title skills could really propel your efforts. If you can follow these guidelines and we’re sure you’ll be on your way to boosting your attendance rates in no time.

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