Unless you’ve been living under a rock you've probably heard that video is a powerful business tool for reaching your audiences, communicating your message, generating leads and capturing new customers. For many businesses making the decision to incorporate video for the first time can feel like treading into unchartered territory. Considering incorporating video into your business strategy is one thing but taking the leap of faith to allocate budgets to it are another thing entirely.

For some, adopting video as part of a business strategy feels expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to track. And these would be valid reasons if any of them were still true. Video technology is a far cry from the days of posting videos on YouTube and hoping for the best. The rise of end-to-end video platforms enable any sized business to utilise the power of video without the need for agencies, extreme expense, time and technical expertise.

5 Video Myths Debunked

1. Video platforms are too expensive

Here's a scenario for you. You only have a set amount of budget available and you need to be sure you’re making the best use of it. The creation of videos for your business may seem like an expensive cost, particularly as in the past it was. Hiring an external agency or paying a technical expert to create video was part and parcel, not to mention the additional costs of equipment and production value. This is no longer the case. With end-to-end video platforms it’s now possible for any business, any employee, to create, edit, manage and distribute impactful videos, long and short form.

And the best bit? It can all be achieved in one place on an end-to-end video platform, that has security top of mind, customer support and intuitive user design. All these aspects mean it’s now easy for anyone to make great videos for their business, no matter their experience level. Making videos might sound like an expensive process at first, but with the right solution, you can create impactful videos within your budget.  

2. Video is hard to track  

The myth that video is hard to track is only true if you’re using free video hosting platforms or platforms with limited analytics. Free services come with certain limitations and you can’t expect that they’ll provide you with in-depth analytics of your videos. Analytics are imperative for understanding your audiences and giving you valuable insights into how you can optimise your video content for future success. By knowing audience drop off rates, attendee numbers, average watch time and more you can make smarter decisions on your future content. The right solution means you’ll know how engaged your audience is, what they are interested in and help you make informed decisions about what content to produce next.

When you take the decision to invest in enterprise-level video platforms like Quickchannel, you’ll get just that. When your video content is fully optimised for your audiences you can expect to see better conversion rates, generate leads and boost your return on investment. ROI isn’t all that hard to figure out – just head to the link at the bottom of this section to find out more on how to do this.

Video metrics are a secret weapon to have in your arsenal to achieve success. Tracking views, attention spans, conversion rates, and click-through rates, etc. you’ll know which videos have left an impression on your target audience, whether they’ve generated leads or resulted in your return on investment increasing. When you get this data, you can then infer which product or service is of interest to a particular consumer.

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3. You need technical expertise

Video platforms have been continually evolving over the years and saw even more technological advancements during the pandemic when the need for video communication tools became a necessity for businesses. With these advancements the ease in which users could navigate these platforms also increased. The Quickchannel user interface has been designed for simple use and is a single solution where you can carry out the whole video creation process to distribution and everything in between helping to make your video creation more efficient and simplify your workflows.

Video platforms like Quickchannel have now become a one stop shop for everything video creation, editing, improvement, reach and distribution. This means businesses only need to use one tool for their video needs for simplified workflows and efficient creation. 

4. Video is time consuming

Time is a precious commodity in a business of any size. The thought of incorporating video as a new business element can seem time consuming to many, time that you may not feel is available. With end-to-end video platforms it’s possible to create professional grade videos within a short periods of time. Video editors on platforms have intuitive easy to use interfaces and with everything you need in one place workflows are streamlined helping to simplifying your everyday.

Many businesses automatically assume that it’s difficult to create videos. Not only difficult, but also time-consuming. And to be honest, it’s understandable why they’re of this opinion. With the development in technology, video production can now be more cost-effective than ever before. Specifically, you can promote your business by shooting a high-quality video. Our mobile devices have become so advanced nowadays that people will assume you used a professional camera.

With smartphones, you can capture videos of yourself and your office, and even your customers trying out your products or services and reviewing them. And don’t worry, you don’t need paid actors to promote your business — your staff can get involved. In fact, they are more acquainted with your brand than anyone else, so why not use this to your advantage. 

5. Video has to go viral

Your video usage doesn’t need to go viral to boost sales, lead generation and conversions. Video enables businesses to do so much more than produce viral content. Once your target market has been defined and you’ve got to the bottom of the pain points of said audience, you can focus on creating educational, demonstrative and helpful content that can generate high quality leads and get them into your marketing funnel. When you use a video platform, like Quickchannel, you can use audience analytics to see what’s engaging, what isn’t working so well and where you can improve future content. Not just that, for live video you can incorporate interactive features such as questions and polls to ascertain where your participants are in the buyer journey and even convert them live with questions like, ‘would you like to try a demo of our platform’.

With an authentic human approach and by offering audiences something for their time, reciprocity, your brand awareness will increase and you have the ideal medium to place your business as an expert in your industry. The old adage, give the people what they want is key here. The sole purpose of your video content should be reaching your target audience, communicating with them, and pushing them into your sales trajectory. If you can master that, you’ll reap the rewards and your video creation efforts will never be in vain.

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Embracing video platforms  

It’s easy to feel lost in the vast choices of video platforms out there and daunted by the idea of incorporating video into your business plan. But the fact of the matter is if you aren’t already using video, you need to get on board or face getting left behind. With a seamless, trusted and user intuitive platform like Quickchannel, utilising video has never been simpler and anyone can do it, all you have to do is take the leap of faith. It’s time to make video part of your everyday.

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