If you’ve been on the internet in the past month, there’s a chance you may have heard about our exciting new platform launch. Our next generation video platform is an end-to-end, one stop shop for all things video covering your video needs from creation to distribution and absolutely everything in between.

Speaking of the in between we thought it was high time to start giving you low down on all it is we have to offer and that starts here with our top quality, highly intuitive editor. In this post we’re going to give you the rundown on everything video editor from showing you the editing journey, the simplicity in which you can create top notch video content to stand out from the crowd and start to spark your creative ideas by showing you just what you can achieve with Quickchannel.

So, that’s enough from us why don’t we take a walk through.

A rundown of video editor features

Our video editor helps you create more than just professional grade content. You can also expand your audience reach, save on your budget and boost your brand awareness and conversion rates when you use our built in video editing tool to cut excerpts of your content to repurpose and spread your message across your websites and social media channels. Make use of all our features to create professional corporate videos:

  • Web-based editing
  • Upload your own media files
  • Choose from our extensive library
  • Add still images
  • Record video
  • Add multiple video tracks
  • Include text overlays
  • Choose profile colours for overlays
  • Crop and trim for short videos
  • Cloud based rendering


Repurposing video content has plenty of benefits, but most of all, creating new content and sharing it in multiple places gives you invaluable insights into your audience for ultimate success in your video creation efforts and you can do it all here on one platform. 

Now enough talking... let’s see it in action!

Intuitive drag and drop feature 

For faster building and ease of use, we have an easy drag and drop interface to help you create your videos seamlessly and easily. All you need to do is drag and drop audio and video clips into your timeline, either uploaded by yourself or chosen from our extensive library. Once you have your clips next to each other, you can press play/pause button to see how the final video will look.

Drag and drop

Picture in picture 

What you’re seeing below is our picture in picture feature. This dual screen, easy to use feature is particularly helpful if you'd like to add a sign interpreter to boost the accessibility of your content, to add a speaker to a slides for more engaging presentations or adding a slide show. Your picture in picture can be resized to suit your requirements and be in the format of image or video. 

Picture in picture

Image transitions/Ken Burns effect

You may be asking yourself, what is the Ken Burns effect? Well, it's the addition of an animated transition to a digital photograph in order to create the illusion of movement. Adding zoom, pan and fade transitions to still photographs is a technique commonly used by many filmmakers to maintain viewer interest and is sure to keep your audience engaged when using still images. This effect helps you to create great slideshows with panning animation sure to draw your watchers in. msedge_CKRp0Rokfq

Add text captions

Our video editor makes it simple to add text overlays. Easily include titles, name tags, chapter titles and more to make your content more easily digestible for viewers. Our caption options are customisable. You can upload your own fonts to keep to your brand guidelines or choose from our extensive font list. You can also change the background colour of text box and finally drag and drop to where you'd like it to display. This feature is great for adding extra contextual information to your videos for an advanced user experience.

Video editor 1


What you're seeing below is our easy to use crop feature. Cropping can help you remove any imperfections and hyper focus on the best parts of your video content for great overall video production. Cropping is just one element of our video editor that helps you achieve flawless footage. crop


Our trimming feature is all about saving you time and resources. On our video editor you can easily trim the best bits of your videos into shorter, bite sized clips for sharing across multiple platforms. The great thing about this is once you render your shortened video and get your embed code you can repurpose your content and get it out in front of a wider audience in a more digestible format. trim

That's a wrap

We hope we've managed to give you a sneak peek into our video editor and shown you how easy we've made it for anyone to create great quality, engaging videos for your audiences. With the importance of video editing for your content, we suggest you get on board.

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