Webinars are a lead generating machine, particularly when you know how to maximise their potential. There are specific formulas and rules that when adhered to, are guaranteed to drive higher results than simply going in blind and hoping for the best. Despite the fact that, ‘73% of marketers consider webinars to be the best way to generate quality leads’, for many it can feel as though there are many hurdles to overcome when considering trying their hand at webinars. Some queries or concerns marketers may face are, what if nobody registers for my virtual event after expending my time and resources? Or, what if my virtual event doesn’t yield the return on investment I need?

Webinars tick a lot of boxes. They help you reach large amounts of viewers at scale, reduce your businesses carbon footprint, build your brand authority, save time and resources and most importantly, help you convert your leads into prospects live.

Ultimately, failing to do the groundwork and not making use of all the features that more advanced webinar platforms, such as Quickchannel, have to offer could leave your attempts falling flat. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the top webinar features you can use to put together a webinar that draws in the crowds and converts leads into prospects for your business.

Create a great landing page that will generate leads

The first thing you need is a great landing page to draw in the crowds. A compelling webinar landing registration page will transform page visitors into registrants for your webinar. With registrations not only will you have gained a sign up for your virtual event, once you have their information, you’re all set for remarketing even if your registrants aren’t ready to view your live event and opt to watch it later on demand.

As your landing page is first thing people will see when they’re directed from your promotional ads and campaigns, and the thing that convinces them to sign up via your registration form, make sure your promotional ad campaigns are aligned with your landing page content. If a visitor makes it your webinar registration page and they feel misled by your offering, they’ll likely exit the page, and you’ll forfeit a potential lead. Here are five top tips for a landing page that will drive registrations:

  1. Create an alluring title for your webinar
  2. Outline your webinar agenda
  3. Include a strong CTA and registration form
  4. Include your branding in the page design
  5. Consider a teaser video
registration page on website

More advanced webinar platforms, such as Quickchannel, will offer registration page creation as part of the package. When you use Quickchannel, you have the capability to design your own landing page with your branding, can include all necessary information for captivating your audiences, and even include additional advanced features such as a countdown timer for added visual enhancement.

Think about your branding

Branding isn’t just important when it comes to your registration page. Every marketer knows that branding must be present throughout any campaign. Don’t settle for a generic webinar look and format, strive to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. Consistency is key, so making sure to align your webinar with your brand visuals is of utmost importance. In order to flourish in an already crowded marketplace, choose a webinar platform where you can customise your video player reinforcing your brand awareness across the entire process.

With Quickchannel, you can customise your videos with your brand logos, colours, and even watermark your videos. Throughout your webinar, you’re placing your brand as a trustworthy, authority figure in your industry, so marrying that with brand visuals is a necessity. You want your audience to associate your message and offering with your branding.

Read more here on all the ways you can customise and brand your videos with the Quickchannel platform.

Encourage interactions to keep attendees engaged

You may have asked yourself, are webinars interactive? To put simply, yes. Throughout your live webinar, it’s imperative that you create a multitude of opportunities for your audience to engage and interact with you. Afterall, simply having someone speak directly at you for an extended period of time can cause a loss of interest which in turn results in early drop offs during your virtual event. To keep the attention of your audiences, it’s imperative that you make use interactive features such as polls, Q&A and surveys throughout your webinar.

A good webinar best practice to optimise engagement is to schedule your interactions beforehand. This requires some preplanning. Have a think about what kind of information you’d like to gather from your audience in order to convert them live or further down the line. As an example, ask them their challenges or goals with a Q&A in order to gain insights into how you can provide a solution for them further down the line. Or run polls to see if they’re ready for a demo of your product or service. Bring attention to the interactions as they happen in real time and allow for a response time to address any questions or queries you receive. Platforms like Quickchannel will have all these features available to you, including additional helpful features such as including shareable handouts for attendees to follow during your webinar and take away with them once the event is over. Remember, interaction is about delivering value, not just content.

Why not check out our interactive features on offer here?

Convert your audience into prospects live

It’s no secret that webinars allow you to generate high quality leads for your business, but what about when it comes to converting those leads into business prospects? With built in tools such as polling, you can ask your audience qualifying questions throughout your webinar to see who might be ready to invest in your product or service. For example, if you ask your audience, ‘are you ready for a demo of this product?’, your yes responses are converted live during your broadcast and can be passed directly on to your sales team post event. This also helps you to segment your audience attendees for post webinar nurturing and pass relevant leads directly to your sales team.

Encouraging attendees to use the polls throughout your presentation can help you better understand how they engage with your content, and where they are in the buyer journey helping you ascertain their interest levels and nurture them from there. For a deep dive into how you can convert leads into prospects with webinars, why not download our comprehensive guide?

Enlist some help for a more compelling webinar

One way to turn your webinar from good to great is to have one or more guest speakers participate in your presentation. Not only does inviting industry experts to speak at your event boost your own brand authority in your field, it also makes for a more exciting experience for your audience. Not to mention, your guest speaker can share the details of your webinar with their own following, boosting your visibility and promotional efforts driving traffic to your landing page and boosting registrants.

We know that for first timers the thought of inviting and arranging multiple speakers can seem like a complicated task. With our multiple guest speaker feature, we’ve made it easy and simple for you to invite and include remote speakers to your webinar so all you have to do is worry about who to invite. Improve your credibility and take some of the pressure off yourself.

Click here for more information on our multiple guest speaker feature.

Make use of data analytics

Any advanced webinar platform will give you an insight into valuable data insights on your audience. You can expect to find data on:

  • Live statistics
  • On demand statistics
  • Unique views
  • Minutes watched
  • Average watch time
  • Keep track of attendees

Data insights allow you to make smarter decisions when it comes to optimising your future content. If, for example, you find that 60% of your viewers are dropping off after the half an hour mark, why not consider shortening your webinars in future, or including more interactions to keep them engaged.

Quickchannel not only offers you all these insights, you’ll also gain access to a list of individual attendees and their responses to engagement features in your webinar. This makes for easier audience segmentation when it comes to nurturing your participants post webinar boosting your chances for higher conversion rates.

Read more about our in depth real time data analytics here.


We’ve established that webinars that convert can help you achieve fantastic results for your business, from gaining a plethora of new prospects, converting leads, establishing your expertise and thought leadership, to building your email list for further marketing.

Now that you know the key elements to creating webinars that convert, you’re in a prime position to harness the power of webinars and see a great return on your investment from the get go. Your first attempts may not be perfect, but perfection isn’t the aim. Connecting with customers and helping them solve their problems is. Ultimately, that’s the gateway to webinars that convert into sales.

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