Choosing a topic for your webinar marketing can be a bit of a task, particularly when you’re running low on time. We can all relate to feeling as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but there is a silver lining, creating new content for your webinars doesn’t mean starting from scratch each and every time. Repurposing your content can save you a lot of time and resources as every marketer knows, and it’s a great way to get your target audience re-engaged with your pre-existing content. Afterall, when you’ve already invested in putting together content that resonated with your audience, why not utilise it?

There are many forms of digital marketing content we spend time and resources on from blogs to eBooks, case studies and whitepapers, the list goes on. With so much access to analytical data, we have the ability to see which content topics our audiences have interacted and engaged with the most which is a great starting point for repurposing your content into a successful webinar strategy. It really is a no brainer, a perfect opportunity to draw in and educate your potential and existing prospects, offering them important information and knowledge on your product, service and industry as a whole.

Let’s explore some of webinar best practices for getting more return from your investments.

Convert your content into a live Q&A

According to statistics, ‘82% of attendees cite Q&A sessions as the most interesting part of the webinar experience’. Well, we couldn’t agree more. One method for converting your existing content into a virtual event is to engage your audience in real time with a Q&A webinar format. Say for example you have an eBook that resonated well with your readership. Giving your audience a chance to ask in-depth questions about the topics you covered in real time is a great way to lay the foundation for a successful webinar event and is sure fire way to get you more bang for your book.

Having the opportunity to expand and show your knowledge on a certain topic not only places you as an expert in your field, it allows a chance for your audience to feel listened to and heard, and who doesn’t like to feel heard? Making yourself available to inform, educate and address any challenges or goals they may be facing in real time means that you’re really offering them value for their time, and their investment in your business. Many advanced webinar platforms, such as Quickchannel, enable you to add polls to your live events and include a moderated chat room for participants to discuss their thoughts and opinions boosting the interactivity of your virtual event which in turn will increase your chances of attendees participating until the end.

Another added benefit, as if you need more persuading, is that people can still tune in and gain value from your webinar once the event is over with a webinar recording, on demand version. They may not be able to participate on demand but it’s still a great opportunity for potential leads to seek more information on your repurposed content.

Converting your content into a Q&A webinar gives you the perfect platform to expand on the knowledge and research you’ve already taken the time to accumulate. Not only that, it offers your audience a feeling of exclusivity, and a personal invitation to learn more which can only score you brownie points, right?

Hold a panel discussion webinar with guest speakers

The next way to convert your content into a successful webinar is to repurpose your content into a lively panel discussion between yourself and one or more industry experts. Head into your archives and choose a relevant blog post, white paper or other form of content that received high levels of traffic and engagement and bring onboard some experts in the field for a robust discussion on the subject. Promoting access to an intriguing discussion on an industry specific topic that you know resonates with your prospects is a great starting point.

Any good webinar platform will make inviting and including one or more remote guest speakers into your webinar an easy feat. Let’s face it, there’s nothing remotely funny about hosting a webinar and having to fuss around with attempting to add speakers from afar while you have a live audience watching. The Quickchannel platforms multiple guest speaker feature enables you to easily add multiple presenters and includes additional features such as a waiting room for your guests that are joining remotely. This seamless feature enables you to focus on what’s important, engaging your audience!

Not only does this format of webinar allow you to tap into the, sometimes very large, audience base of your guest speakers, your audience also gets a multi-faceted insight into your hard earned, pre-existing content. The more your participants learn at your virtual event, the more they will associate trust and value with your brand which makes this an excellent option for repurposing your content.

Consider an educational workshop

Webinars are designed to add value to their audiences which is why educational webinars are a big hit with audiences. From virtual workshops to training events, transferring your content into this virtual event format is another great way to convert your content into a successful webinar. You can host an educational webinar live or on demand, both of which have pros and cons. With a live educational webinar, you can use advanced platforms, like Quickchannel, to include downloadable documents for your participants that will help them to follow your content and engage throughout the duration of your event. If you’re worried about hosting a live educational webinar, then on demand could be a good option for you. Pre-recording takes off the pressure and enables you to offer an on demand option for leads to register for via your website or landing page.

If for example you’ve written an eBook, ‘How to host a successful webinar’, a good option would be to educate audiences on using your webinar platform with a demonstration, showcase how webinars can provide a solution to current problems they may be facing, or show them the ease in which they can solve those problems using your platform.

💡Top tip

It's good to note that when it comes to any form of webinar, be pragmatic, energetic and passionate about your content to keep your audiences locked in from start to finish.


No matter which department or area you work in, we all get strapped for time and resources now and again. For marketers, repurposing content is a no brainer and webinars offer an excellent platform for doing so. With multiple webinar formats for you to utilise you’re bound to engage your audiences, place yourself as a trusted expert in your industry and generate leads for your business without having to start from square one. So, next time you’ve got a lot on your plate consider hosting a webinar that your participants are sure to eat up.

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