Webinars are everywhere and for good reason. They have proven to be one of the most effective lead generation, audience reach, and online engagement tools. These types of events work equally well for everyone no matter the size of your business.

Organising multiple speakers in one webinar can be tricky, but we provide products that make it easier than ever before with our user-friendly interface. All you need is your team’s creativity to build an interactive virtual experience.

Why multiple guest speaker webinars are so valuable 

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many businesses embraced online collaboration software, perhaps for the first time. Not only does it improve how colleagues communicate when working in different locations, but it can also help when working with external third parties.

Another benefit of online collaboration tools? They remove the need for travel between locations. Not only ideal during Covid-19, this also has environmental and cost-saving benefits as virtual collaboration proves an effective alternative to traditional in-person presentations, and meetings.

Online collaboration tools provide everyone with more freedom to work where they want, while doing so more efficiently. We know that good collaboration can generate inventive ideas and help audiences learn from one another. So, we’re excited to share how our new virtual tool enables better communication and sharing of knowledge below. 


1. Having multiple guest speakers helps you increase audience reach 

Hosting webinars is an excellent way to connect with a broad audience you would not have reached through physical events. A real-time online webinar allows you to gather interest with very few geographical limitations (other than time zone). 

These benefits are doubled when you provide more value to your webinar attendees by inviting a panel of speakers rather than just a single speaker. Multiple presenters allow you to bring in diverse perspectives on a single topic, which can attract a diverse audience interested in different points of view.

2. Multi-presenter webinars make for a more interactive experience with multiple perspectives 

Unlike webinars that might turn the webinar participants into mere passive spectators, multi-presenter discussions have a more dynamic webinar format that focuses more on online engagement. Multi-speaker discussions are more interactive and improve the success of your webinars and make your viewers feel like their opinion matters. With multiple remote speakers bouncing off each other, making the content engaging, conversational and professional your webinar will both entertain and inform your audience about certain topics or perspectives they may be unfamiliar with.

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Online webinars provide an excellent opportunity for your business to build rapport with your target audience and offer insights in exchange. In this way, multi-presenter webcasts are different from any other webinar format and give you an edge over your competition. It’s not just one person presenting the information, instead, there is a back and forth discussion between both parties as questions arise during conversations between global speakers.

3. It's a superb way for you to establish credibility 

Being able to host multiple remote speaker discussions allows you to establish global brand credibility. By providing a platform for experts to come together at one event your audience will view you as a trusted partner. Experts only back credible brands, and if you invite an impressive panel of speakers, people will be more likely to consider you a trustworthy business. 

Now with our newest feature, you can do just that and your panel of speakers can join live from anywhere in the world. We’ve created a feature that makes it easy to host multi-speaker discussions to give audiences a fresh perspective. Allowing your attendees to develop novel ways to tackle issues that might otherwise seem impossible. A panel presents the webinar participants with different viewpoints, resulting in a better understanding of the content.

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Our new multi presenters tool

With our new feature, there’s no need for software downloads, multiple tools or time-consuming workflows. Our multiple guest speaker feature is very easy to use, the layout can be adjusted according to your brand profile and it also adheres to the highest level of security

Our new feature makes it easier to collaborate in real-time. It’s your full-stack webinar platform with all the tools you need to create professional interactive webinars while still providing you access to the many tools available through our platform:

  • Live conversion
  • Chat
  • Polling 
  • Real-time analytics
  • Branded video player

Create great customer experiences with our intuitive streaming solution today 

Today we help customers all over the world to create impact and engage their audiences through live streaming and on-demand video. Quickchannel was founded around the problem of reaching your audience without the need for travel and with the ambition to save both time and money, and at the same time decrease the impact on the environment. 

To secure your seat at our virtual launch event on 10 March 2022 at 11am GMT, register here.

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