Everywhere you look, video content surrounds you and that’s no coincidence. Video marketing strategies have been, and are, rising at an exponential rate and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. For marketers, incorporating video into your content marketing strategy is a must. Not only does it enable your target audience to absorb your brand message and better retain the information offered to them, it’s an innovative and interactive way to consume content.

Did you know?

‘96% of People Turn to Videos to Learn More About a Product or Service’

That’s a statistic that can’t be ignored, video as a marketing tool is here to stay. It’s proven to drive conversions, boost engagement levels, and website traffic. Over the years in the digital marketing landscape we’ve seen trends take off and fall flat, but this isn’t the case with video content. Many companies are yet to incorporate video into their digital marketing strategy, this could be due to a perceived lack of time and resources and the prospect of having to outsource the help of an agency. However, with the rise of technology it’s easy to get started on your own and if you’re willing to take the leap of faith into video content, there are a multitude of benefits in store for you. Not only is it a great opportunity to humanise your brand, you’re able to instil new levels of trust with your audiences and build lasting relationships. Overall, it’s relatable content that gets significantly more engagement than other forms of content.

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but not the case of video. In this article we’ll be giving you 5 top tips to help get you started in the world of video. Not only that, we will also show you where to use video effectively and give you some content inspiration! Remember, creating video content doesn’t need to be a chore.

Getting started with your video marketing strategy – 5 top tips

1. With your buyer persona always in mind, conduct research and create a list of content topics you’d like to cover in your videos, which can be either live or pre-recorded. Remember, it needs to be engaging!

2. Next, it’s time to appoint a person in charge to draw up a plan of the what, when, how and who.

3. Consider downloading easy to use video editing apps and familiarise yourself with them – it’ll come in handy for editing out the bloopers

4. Get prepped with your equipment! It’s time to invest in some good lighting, microphones and make a space in the office for those all-important corporate recordings. Investing in equipment may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure that what you do purchase is of a good quality to maintain high levels of professionalism.

5. Remember, in this day and age smartphones, laptops and tablet allow for high quality filming. Try all these options when filming to determine what works best for you.

Where to effectively use video: inbound marketing examples 

Social media video marketing 

 Make use of social media video content for how to videos, presenting employees with news, offers, a vlog to drive traffic to your website and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

On your website

Present your product or service on your website to engage site visitors and keep them on your website. Another benefit is that from an SEO standpoint, Google loves video.


Webinars are fantastic tool offering audiences a personalised, interactive experience. With many webinar formats to choose from, you can nurture your customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

Educational purposes

People retain far more information from video than other forms of content. This makes educational content such as a how to or product demos an effective use of video.

Create tutorials

If you have a product or service that needs a little more explanation, video is the perfect tool.

Video content inspiration

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas or would just like a little inspiration, check out our list of video content options:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Interviews with industry experts
  3. A video of a day at work
  4. Increase the visibility of your events
  5. Increase visibility from your events
  6. Document an event
  7. Group discussions
  8. Interview style videos
  9. Customer cases
  10. Thank your customers
  11. How to tutorials
  12. Live broadcast
  13. Product Demos
  14. View a presentation
  15. Promotions

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