Hybrid events that blend live in-person encounters with virtual online content. More and more companies have been benefitting from organising hybrid events recently. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of live events right now.

An affordable solution

Hybrid events can come in the form of tradeshows, seminars, workshops and conferences to give just a few examples. One of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of hybrid events is that they are relatively cheap to organise. Because much of the content is delivered virtually, companies putting on live events can cut down running costs considerably. It’s also easy for people to attend live events even when they unable to show up in person. People may wish to attend these events virtually to avoid travel as well as to reduce their carbon footprint.

Content for virtual attendees

The content enjoyed by virtual participants can come in many forms. For instance, virtual participants can attend presentations, speeches, workshops, online chats and view images from wherever they are in the world, as long as they have access to an internet connection. Social media can also be used to enhance the experience, with many hybrid events being covered on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Add benefits with your own branded player.

Interacting at hybrid events

The internet enables attendees to interact with each other at hybrid events, with online and in-person participants communicating with ease. It’s increasingly common for in-person and virtual attendees to talk to each other via ‘TwitterWalls’, where comments about the events can be posted.

After the event

The experience doesn’t need to come to a close once the event itself has ended. Event content can be posted and shared online so discussions can continue. It’s also common for edited highlights of the event to be posted online and be viewed long after the event. This can help generate a buzz around the next event if one has been scheduled.

Creating a successful hybrid event

The best hybrid events are ones where virtual participants receive the same treatment as real-life guests. This means ensuring everyone involved can enjoy a high-quality experience, whether they are attending in person or not. By making it easy for both audiences to interact with each other, you can optimise the success of your event and ensure nobody viewing from elsewhere needs to feel left out of the conversation. Your event should benefit virtual attendees that want to make useful contacts and enjoy an unforgettable, informative and highly immersive experience.

More advantages of hybrid events

A big benefit of organising a hybrid event is that it can enhance your reach. Hybrid events allow you to increase your number of attendees and therefore create a bigger buzz around your event. Studies suggest that most virtual participants do not intend to attend the events in person. This means you can attract a wider audience and engage with people who were never going to attend the physical event. If your virtual attendees enjoy your event, they may decide to attend in person next time. It can be helpful to see the virtual element of a hybrid event as a taster for the physical one.

Boost audience engagement

A hybrid event can also enhance audience engagement as it allows participants to not only sit and listen but to share, like and comment on your content, giving it more exposure. Some organisers incorporate Q&A sessions, polls and networking opportunities into hybrid events to enhance the audience participation.

Attract investment

Your hybrid event may also help you attract investment including sponsorship. Almost three-quarters of corporate sponsors have shown interest in getting involved in hybrid events as they enable them to engage with your virtual and live audience. More and more investors are seeking out digital opportunities to grow their enterprises, not just because of the global pandemic.

Environmental benefits

Including a virtual element to your event can help you cut its carbon footprint due to the way it requires less travel. Many of your guests may be eager to reduce their impact on their environment, and attending your event virtually is a great way to achieve this. The virtual element can also help you reduce waste as it can mean purchasing less packaging, food, drink and other resources. 

Greater return on investment

A hybrid event helps you to boost reach for less whilst winning you more attention from potential sponsors. You should also gain access to valuable data that will help you cost-effectively plan your next event. In future, you may wish to scale down the live element of your event and invest more time in organising the virtual part.

Protect your event

The global pandemic has highlighted the impact on the events industry when unforeseen events occur. Virtual events can normally go ahead regardless of what’s happening in the wider world, ensuring you can still reach your audience even if we head into another lockdown. Today’s technology allows events to go ahead in some capacity no matter what.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to host an event and boost your reach at the same time, a hybrid event could be the ideal solution. To find out more about how we can help you organise an exceptional hybrid event, contact us today.

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