We’ve delved into how you can repurpose your marketing content into effective webinars, but what about utilising your webinar content by turning it into content marketing plan? After researching, planning and hosting a webinar, it’s a safe bet that you’ve taken a lot of time to build a wealth of knowledge to offer value to your audiences – and that’s too much effort to let your content collect dust in a corner. There are so many webinar formats from educational/training to lively discussions, live demos and everything in between. Utilising any of these webinar event formats is bound to leave you with a plethora of new material and data, making your webinar content easy to spin off into other content types like blog posts, eBooks/whitepapers, infographics and social posts.

The more content you can squeeze out of a single webinar, the better your ROI. In knowing what resonated with audiences during your webinar through valuable analytics captured and informational knowledge from polls and Q&As, you can be sure you’re going to repurpose the very best bits of your live stream into differentiating content forms that are guaranteed to see great engagement.

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What you’ll learn

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some webinar repurposing strategies that can get your webinar content in front of more people, make your hard work go further and will help you out on those weeks where there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

3 benefits of repurposing webinar marketing content

1. Maximise the number of people who benefit from your webinar

Everyone consumes content differently for example, one person may prefer to watch an in-depth talk on a subject whereas another person may resonate more with facts and highlights. With this in mind, spreading your webinar content into different formats means you may just reach more people.

2. Save time on your content creation

Coming up with new content ideas can be tough so leveraging your webinar to fill up the content calendar can be a real time saver while ensuring your still putting out content that people will want to engage with.

3. Increase the impact of your webinar

Every webinar has one or more goals that you want to achieve. Whether its boosting brand awareness, capturing leads, or converting leads into customers, getting your content in front of more people will propel your chances of meeting your goals.

Now we know the benefits, let's dive into some key-ways you can repurpose your webinars, live streams and hybrid events.

Create a blog post or multiple posts

One method for repurposing your webinar content is to factor it into one or more blog posts. Depending on the length of your webinar, you could create a series of smaller blog posts to highlight key takeaways and important quotes. It’s likely your webinar will already be broken down into digestible sections and topics, which is perfect for creating blog post/s. Breaking your content down into bite sized segments of content in blog form can make longer webinars easier for your audience to consume, even if they didn’t quite make it to the live event. Including imagery, short video clips, or screen shots from your webinar is another great way to break down the content making it easier to consume.

On most advanced webinar platforms, like Quickchannel, you’ll be able to access your data analytics after your live webinar and pick out sections of your live event that received higher levels of engagement and even viewership to ensure your blog content is right on the mark.

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Create a whitepaper or eBook

Let’s face the facts, webinars require work so don’t let all your research and knowledge go to waste. Repurposing your webinar into a downloadable eBook or whitepaper is not only great from a content perspective, it’s fantastic for capturing leads.

Deciding on webinar topics, particularly for the early stages of the buyer journey, often starts by you identifying a common pain point or problem of your audiences or in your industry, and then moving to provide solutions to said problems educating your audience on your product or service. Depending on the type of content, your webinar may naturally lend itself to the creation of a whitepaper or eBook. For example, if your webinar targets audiences in the early stages of the buyer journey, you can be sure there will be useful content for an informative guide to help nurture your leads through the buyer journey.

💡 Top tip

eBooks and whitepapers are, as you may well know, for educational purposes with the aim of offering value to your potential leads. So, make sure you aren’t veering towards a sales pitch and as a general rule of thumb wait until the end of your content to mention your product or service.

Turn quotes and poll results into social posts

Everyone loves a good statistic or quote – it’s just a fact. Once your virtual event is over, watch it back and look for any highlights, key quotes or facts that you can extract for your social media. If, for example, you decided to have one or more industry experts guest speak at your webinar, a great idea would be to extract a quote, tagging them in your social post for more exposure.

While your virtual event is your platform to share your research, products and services while educating and providing value to your audience, the Q&A is your audiences opportunity to ask questions so you can learn more about their needs and requirements. With this in mind, another great way to repurpose your webinar content into a social post is to use results from your live polls or answer a question from your Q&A. Displaying a statistic or quote in an image format is great for audience consumption and sharing, which brings us into our next point.

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Create an infographic

Infographics are great for social sharing and come in all shapes and sizes from broad summaries to focused points. This makes them a perfect way to display stats or quotes from your webinar – especially when sharing on your social. So, why not use the content from your webinar to build a powerful infographic?

Infographics are an ideal way to illustrate your webinars key points and using information shared in your live event is great for creating – and sharing – information based posts.

💡 Idea

If you wanted to make a large infographic of your webinars highlights and use it as content for your website, why not break it up into smaller bite sized pieces for your social posts, linking back into your site?

What can we take away?

In short, make the most of your hard earned efforts.

Being a good marketer comes down to constantly looking for new, relatable content and utilising the different platforms in which to display your content. The goal is to display content where it’ll be seen and consumed by the right people in the right places. Due to the amount of knowledge you’ll bring to your webinar marketing efforts, webinars are the jackpot - not only for capturing leads live, but for using the content you create to bring more leads into the fold all while saving you precious time.


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