Quickchannel and Screen9 announce their merger today. Their joint mission is to create a best in class, end-to-end video platform that offers a streamlined video experience for corporations and enterprises across Europe.

“We live in a new hybrid world, and we don’t expect less from our employers than we do from the streaming services we get from our sofas at home. This merger creates an opportunity to not only expand internationally bringing a next generation platform experience to our customers, but also to work with them towards productivity and inclusive communication”, says Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel.

Today’s video communication can be a hustle. After two years in a pandemic, we’ve all been thrown into hybrid working models and our vision is to create a seamless, interactive, and engaging experience for both users and viewers.

In the wake of the pandemic the demand for video communication tools exploded, and as a result the rising numbers in video suppliers has nearly flooded the market. This together with increased regulation, such as GDPR and WCAG, has made it nearly impossible to navigate for customers. Today there is not a single solution that meets customer needs while at the same time being compliant. The merge between Quickchannel and Screen9 will change that.

“Organisations today use several video tools – this costs both money and time. This merger will provide a complete video and webinar offering that is end to end – replacing the need of several tools and can provide a one-stop-shop that also meets all regulations for video communication”, says Robert Risberg, CPO and founder of Screen9.

Creating a strong market leader

Quickchannel and Screen9 are the two largest suppliers of video and streaming platform to the public sector in Sweden. Together, the new company, that will be continuing forward with the Quickchannel branding, will have over 300 customers in 10 countries and 50 employees. Blq invested in Quickchannel in 2020 and will now be adding additional funding of 15 MSEK to accelarate the growth of this merger. The mission for the merger is to establish a marketing leading position in the Nordics and to enter new markets internationally.

“We are not like any other investor; we are company builders. Our blq box team have worked together with Viktor and his team over the last two years to grow organically. In addition, we always apply M&A in our investments and are so happy to have found the perfect opportunity in Robert and Screen9”, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founder of blq invest.

Hear from our CEO, Viktor Underwood and Carl-Johan Svennewall, Chairman of the board, Screen9

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A message from Viktor Underwood, CEO Quickchannel and Karin Bjerde, Chairman of the board at Quickchannel

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For any questions or quotes, please contact Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel on: 

Email: viktor.underwood@quickchannel.com

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