Vision and mission


Our corporate mission has always been at the core of our business and originates from experiences our founder had working for a large enterprise before starting Quickchannel. He took flights across the world to sit in on meetings and make a decision before flying back home. It was extremely time consuming, expensive and not very good for the environment. Being a technologist this sparked a desire to find a more efficient solution for meeting and gathering people.

Viktor Underwood

CEO, Quickchannel

We enable organisations and people to save time, money and decrease the impact on the environment with digital communication and video broadcast solutions.


To realise our mission we need to provide cutting edge solutions that solve our customers' challenges. That’s what we strive to do every day, with the vision “Be the best in class video streaming and recording platform” acting as our guidance. By being best in class and continuously striving to exceed our customers expectations we truly believe that we can create great impact and longstanding value for our customers.

Our values


User success is our success

For us user success is all about exceeding expectations. At Quickchannel we believe that if we make our customers reach their goals, our own goals will also be reached. Our users are our guides.


One company – one team

We put the team before the individual and believe in building strong relationships in and across teams. We also encourage challenges of our ideas and unite behind our decisions.


Think bigger

Being a scale up company we prioritise the actions with the biggest impact and always try to see the bigger picture. We do that in order to create simplicity at scale and deliver great solutions to our customers.


Great execution over perfect planning

We live in a world where we never have all the information at hand. This means that we have to execute in a direction and adjust as we learn, and be really clear in our communication.


Always be learning

In a fast paced company like ours there are always two possible outcomes; successful execution or a learning experience. We believe in continuous improvement and that knowledge sharing accelerates learning within the organisation.


Are you interested in joining us on our scale up journey? We are constantly searching for new talent to join the Quickchcnnel team. Learn more about working at Quickchannel and see current job openings on our career page.

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