Our story

Since day one we’ve always been dedicated to delivering streaming and video solutions at the forefront of technology. Today we help customers all over the world to save time and money and reduce the impact on the environment by utilising our video and streaming solutions.

In September 2022, Screen9 and Quickchannel merged to create a next generation, end-to- end video platform. Our company is the largest provider of video and streaming platforms in the public sector in Sweden with over 300 customers and 60+ employees across multiple locations. Our mission is that our platform will enable you to create video communication that will reach and engage your audience in just one workflow.

‘With us it’s never been easier to create video.’

 As two separate companies we realised something. We saw that many organisations were using several different tools to achieve their video communication goals costing them their two most precious commodities, money and time. So, we joined forces and set out to provide our customers with an end-to-end video platform where they could create, reach, engage and improve their video content all in one place.

And together that’s just what we did. We took the very best parts of both of our platforms and combined them to provide our customers with an advanced video platform where they could create video content and plan and host webinars all in one place helping to simplifying their everyday and change how they work with video. In short, we created a one-stop-shop that simultaneously meets the GDPR and the Web Accessibility Directive.

Our mission means we continually work together as one company, one team to ensure you have an innovative platform that meets all your needs, that you can trust, and that will provide a solution that help video become part of your everyday.

The beginning

Our journey started in Mountain View, California, just outside of what’s today known as Silicon Valley. Our founder Richard Zembron got in touch with organisations that wanted to reach out wider with their events without having to fly every employee into San Francisco. This was the starting point of the development of our first streaming solution, which launched at the 2002 Internet World Fair in Los Angeles.

After a few years in the US the company moved to Stockholm, from where we helped our customers with software, hardware, consulting and video productions for a decade before we decided to transform Quickchannel into a true SaaS company.

Into the future

In 2020 the global Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a trend that was already moving - remote participation in meetings and on-demand knowledge sharing. In 2020 we took on our first external investment from BLQ Invest, a B2B SaaS venture fund, which brought our growth journey into the scale up phase.

The Quickchannel streaming platform that started as a single live streaming product has developed organically into an end-to-end video platform that we deliver to enterprise, government and public sector customers all over the world.

Today we have offices in Sweden, Finland and the UK and a team of over 30 people that work to ensure that our customers' video communication and broadcasts reaches their entire audience with the quality and ease of use that is expected.

Our goals and ambitions

Our goal is to deliver the best streaming and online video platform on the market to our customers, and to do this at scale. Our focus is on user experience and creating an engaging video communication solution that’s secure and integrated in the users daily workflows. That way you as a customer can improve your reach and keep engaging your audience through great video experiences.

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Are you interested in joining us on our scale up journey? We are constantly searching for new talent to join the Quickchcnnel team. Learn more about working at Quickchannel and see current job openings on our career page.

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