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We provide businesses and organisations with a seamless one stop shop for polished webinars and live and on demand videos for internal and external use. Bring your ideas to life and create, reach and engage your audiences excelling in your efforts with analytic reports on our safe and secure GDPR and WCAG compliant end-to-end video platform. 

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The Top 9 Video Trends of 2023

2nd February 2023

Get the lowdown on the top 9 trends in the world of video, including new technologies, platforms, and strategies for creating engaging content. Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or just interested in the world of video, this webinar is for you.

Make your streams come true


GDPR, security and WCAG

Comply with WCAG and GDPR and keep your content and user data fully secure with a streaming platform powered by AI.


Unique viewing experience

Use interactive tools to create next generation experiences for your audience during your live streams and webinars.


Branded video player

Make your videos and broadcasts stand out from the crowd with a custom video player, designed to match your brand.


Video editing

Create great videos for your company with our professional video editor. Here you can easily edit, add titles, images, audio tracks and subtitles.


Quality and scalability

Provide the best viewing experience to your audience, even with limited bandwidth, with adaptive streaming in full HD via CDN and eCDN.


Real time analytics

Analyse the performance of your broadcasts and webinars with video analytics, live and on-demand.


Content management and storage

Access smart tools that give you overview of the entire video lifecycle, from creation and editing to management and distribution.


Multiple guest speakers

Boost your brand authority and place yourself as an industry expert when you invite remote guest speakers to present at your live events.

A complete solution for the success of your video communication



Plan your virtual event and live stream or record it from a studio, video conference room or a browser on your phone or laptop. Before publishing, customise and brand your video with our built-in editing tools, invite multiple guest speakers to present and add interactive features to your stream to really stand out from the crowd.



Provide an exceptional viewing experience on our streaming platform and then use our simple distribution options for your videos and live streams. Distribute your content in your various play channels, social media accounts and websites, and use CDN and eCDN to seamlessly scale your virtual events.



Deliver an interactive experience and encourage your audience to join the conversation keeping them engaged throughout your live streams. The Quickchannel platform tools include polls, surveys, moderated chat rooms and shareable handouts meaning your content can be optimised for enhanced audience participation.


Discover how you can create great content, grow your brand, and reach new levels of engagement among your audience with next generation streaming solutions.
Governments and municipalities
Discover how we help you make your organisation's political meetings, communication and decision making more effective, transparent and accessible.


Interactive webinars

​​Increase participation and audience engagement with interactive user experience tools such as polls, surveys, live resource sharing and moderated chat rooms.

Secure webcasts at scale

Reach a wider audience and convey your organisation’s messages effectively through webcasts, scalable with CDN and eCDN.

Branded video player

Make your brand and broadcasts stand out from the crowd with a custom video player, designed to match your brand guidelines.

Video editor

Get more out of your video content with our video editor. You can easily edit and create great looking business videos, even if you are a beginner in editing.

Real time video analytics

Optimise your video content and get detailed reports of the performance of your broadcasts and webinars with real time video analytics.

Multiple guest speaker

Engage your audience and boost your brand authority when you invite industry experts to your webinar.

Governments and municipalities

Council meeting

Digitise your council meetings, in a secure and accessible way, with interactive tools and functionality tailored for council and government communication.


Comply with WCAG and GDPR and keep your content and user data fully secure with a streaming platform powered by AI.

Use Cases


Create a memorable branding experience with customised videos and a unique video player. Additionally, place your business as an authority in your industry when you invite thought leaders to speak at your webinars, provide product and service updates, promote new products and convert leads to prospects live with your streams. 

  • Customise your video with brand colours, logos & watermarks 
  • Add multiple remote guest speakers
  • Make use of interactive features 
  • Real time data analytics
  • Convert leads into prospects
  • Live and on demand


Host seminars, staff onboarding, professional development programs, team trainings and more through our easy to use platform.

  • Attach shareable documents and hand outs
  • Make use of interactive features
  • Chat and polling only link for physical participants
  • Live and on demand

Corporate events

Webcast your large corporate events at scale, reducing your carbon footprint and saving time and money for your business.

  • Brand your video, live and on demand
  • Chat and polling only link for physical participants 
  • Enterprise level security for your videos
  • GDPR and WCAG compliant
  • AI speech to text functionality
  • Make use of interactive features

Council meetings

We can help make your organisations political meetings, internal and external communications and decision making transparent, secure and quality assured.

  • Safe and secure streams with GDPR and WCAG compliancy
  • Chat and polling only link for physical participants 
  • Make use of interactive features
  • AI speech to text functionality
  • Live and on demand

Hasse Spett

Logistics manager, Comfort

Our Annual General Meeting went excellent both technically and presentation wise. Got spontaneous emails from people saying it looked very professional, which I am pleased to hear.

Charles Ledbom

Live streaming producer, Nanofilm

Via Quickchannel, I can offer my customers a secure live broadcast with high quality. we have done around 600 broadcasts in 2020 via Quickchannel’s platform, which says a lot!

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

24 hours after contacting Quickchannel, we went live with a streamed webinar using their tool. We received exceptionally good service and quick help, which made it easy to get started at short notice.

Eva Falk

Company manager, Hogia

The good service, ease of use and the ability to adapt the system to Hogia’s own branding were the main arguments for choosing Quickchannel as our platform.

Morten Vee

Platform Manager at Storebrand, Storebrand

It has been great working with Quickchannel. Our customers are happy and it enhances our branding as a professional and reliable company. Also, we are keeping track of our engagement score and it is consistently high; this indicates that our work partnership is working, that we are doing our jobs, and that Quickchannel is doing its job!

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